Monday, June 11, 2007

Passing Time, Avoiding The Heat By...

The Secrets of Wildflowers: A Delightful Feast of Little-Known Facts, Folklore, and History by Jack Sanders. An exceptionally well-written, artistic book full of fascinating facts about wildflowers, for anyone interested in things beyond the biology. It is a delight.

Botanical Terms This is a good reference site to find the definition and origin of plant names and characteristics. I refer to it often.

Nothing gardening related, that's for sure, not when final episode of The Sopranos finally arrived. David Chase' ending of the series was brilliant. Whatever you wanted it to be...

Today I repotted three Mammillaria specimens from four-inch plastic nursery pots to six-inch clay pots, a job I've put off for weeks. I was motivated into action when I saw that for one of them, I had waited too long and it had died from lack of water, of all things. It isn't often that cacti die from lack of water--it's usually the opposite. There was not enough soil left in the pot, so the poor thing couldn't absorb enough water. I'm usually more careful, but the heat addles my brain.

Altered digital imagery of my cacti and other plants using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Today and yesterday's photos are examples.

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