Friday, July 6, 2007

Orange Jubilee

My garden, dormant now for the summer, and doesn’t have much color at all. I'll continue to have a cactus flower now and then, but other than that, not much happens in July and August. The exception is the good old reliable Tecoma X 'Orange Jubilee', a cultivar of the Tecoma. It has flowers year-round as long as we don't have a hard freeze as we did this past winter. At temperatures in the mid-teens, it freezes back. That’s what happened to my plants this past winter, but they quickly recovered and are now almost six feet tall and are again producing hundreds of trumpet shaped flowers.

Although I don't own any, Yellow Bells (Tecoma stans) is anther popular Phoenix area plant. It is used frequently as a landscape plant in shopping centers and streetscapes, as is Orange Jubilee. This is a sure sign it needs very little care. Yellow Bells, also called Esperanza in other parts of the country, does not grow as tall as Orange Jubilee and its bright yellow flowers are a bit different, but it is as lush and pretty as Orange Jubilee.

Thank goodness for the Orange Jubilee in my garden. Without it, I would have a dull summer landscape. The verdant foliage and gold-yellow, orange striped flowers keep right on going, no matter how high the temperature gets. As an added bonus, Orange Jubilee attracts dozens of hummingbirds all day long.


Beth said...

Those are stunning flowers. Thanks for letting us enjoy them too!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Your Orange Jubilee is beautiful, no doubt it is as bright yellow and orange as your AZ sun is right now, can't wait to see your garden this winter when mine is covered with snow.

Gina Perry said...

Now I know the name of another plant I was drawing in Tucson last week! These were really lovely although I didn't see any that flowered as densely as this one. You have a great site full of really interesting info. I live in NH but love plants and our collection of housebound cacti so it's fun to see things from a real desert perspective.