Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Convolvulus cneorum

Each summer, I lose a few more Convolvulus cneorum (Bush Morning Glory) and I can’t figure out why it’s happening. These mounding shrubs normally do well in USDA Zones 8-10. I know it isn’t the heat because the other Bush Morning Glories in my garden do fine. I’ve read that over watering can cause root rot in the C. cneorum, and since all the plants get the same amount of water, it could possibly be a drainage issue. The plants will look fine, and then they dry up, seemingly overnight. Last summer I lost four, and so far this year, three more. Why this is happening is a mystery. I love the Bush Morning Glory and don’t want to lose more of them.

Also called Silverbush, the C. cneorum should not be confused with another plant, Ipomoea leptophylla, also called Bush Morning Glory. Related to the sweet potato, the I. leptophylla has funnel shaped pink flowers and a bulbous, edible taproot.

In spring, the Bush Morning Glories in my garden are completely covered with yellow-throated white flowers that butterflies love. The silvery gray foliage and the shrub's rounded mound shape complement the bolder, more angular shapes in my garden. I chose to plant numerous Bush Morning Glories because they are so beautiful by moonlight. The foliage almost shimmers, and the plants are easily visible in dim light. The flowers, however, close at dusk and open wide at dawn.

I’m going to start using a moisture meter near each of my Bush Morning Glories and record the results for a period. If I lose another, I’ll be able to see if there’s a correlation to the plant death and amount of moisture in the soil over time. If it’s a drainage issue, then at least I’ll know what to do.


RUTH said...

What a shame; I know that these are grown here in well draned soils and look such a lovely plant with fantastic foliage. Hope you get the problem sorted out.

vapourman said...

read your post with interest...i know this was 2 years ago...and i'm having the exact same problem that you had. convolvulus just suddenly dying overnight despite seemingly adequate watering. any ideas on how you solved it?