Friday, October 19, 2007

Agave angustifolia 'Marginata'

Agave angustifolia 'Marginata'

In the past week, I’ve dug up, callused, and replanted seven pups from my three Agave angustifolia ‘Marginata’ plants. I think this species is the most prolific pup producer of them all. There are 12 more pups to remove, and if I can persuade a few people to take some, I’ll finish this job for the season.

The A. angustifolia, considered a mid-sized Agave, will get about three feet in diameter, but some will grow to six feet. I think they are one of the most attractive of the genus, with their leaves margined in white. The spines are white, and the terminal spines have red tips.

In this region the A. angustifolia, is known as Maguey Lechugilla. There are many cultivars of this species, with varying widths of the stripes on the leaves, as well as a reverse coloration where the inner portion is white and the outer, green. It is one most sun tolerant Agaves, with no sun damage, even with a full southern exposure. It performs equally well in an area with only morning sun.

I’ve seen this species used as a house and office plant in places with contemporary and modern furnishings. With the many very sharp terminal spines, it’s not something to use where there are kids or pets or clumsy adults!


Kylee said...

So this can be grown as a house plant? (At least in winter.) I have always admired the giant agaves, but have never tried to have one here in zone 5. If I thought they could make it through the winter in the house, I would try it!

kate said...

I wish I lived closer to you. I'd love to have one like this. I have an agave that has a thin, white margin on its leaves. I've discovered just how sharp the spines are ... I had a gouge in my arm for quite some time from having accidentally brushed my arm over it.

It's great coming here and seeing what the temperature is there while it continues to get cooler and cooler here.

kate said...

Oops ... that comment was from me. I wasn't signed in on my correct Blogger account!

No Rain said...

I've never grown one in the house (in this climate, there's no point in my view) but they do look nice with the right furnishings.

This time of year is gorgeous here, but stay away in summer! I'm a native, and it's getting harder and harder to take the summers, even though seven months of the year are very nice. You have the wonderful summers, so it all balances out, I think.