Sunday, December 23, 2007

Desert Holiday Ornaments

Desert Holiday Ornaments

After cacti complete their blooming, fruits, or seedpods form and ripen over a period of months. Seedpods come in many different shapes and colors, but many of them are red, such as these shown here. The pods do not always contain seeds. The only way to tell is to slit them open and check. Since I don't normally propagate cactus with seeds, I just let them go, and birds and wildlife consume them.


Muum said...

those do look very Christmasy. I always enjoy my visits to your blog.

Anonymous said...

There is always something new to lear on your blog, Aiyana! Very cool photo, too!

Ginni Dee said...

Wow, great shot of a cactus! It's almost as if it were about to celebrate Christmas with those red seedpods!

I love looking at your blog! And thanks for visiting mine!

Ginni, freezing in Illinois

kate said...

The seed pods on this cactus look very festive. I like it ... they make cool ornaments.

Happy holidays to you!

Lytton does have a sad look unless he's expecting to go for a walk or to get a treat. He can make me feel guilty leaving him at home when I go out. He uses those sad, mournful-looking eyes to great effect. So far he's not shown any ill effects from eating all those chews.

Julie said...

Lovely "ornaments"!