Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mammillaria klissingiana

A few early flowers have appeared on this Mammillaria klissingiana, however, the best is yet to come. It has its best show of flowers in late March. Maybe this cactus is practicing for its grand showing. This species must have full sun to bloom. I planted it with a southwestern orientation, and each year, it has had a nice showing of flowers.

I purchased this cactus several years ago from an Ebay vendor because of its cristate form. The globe shown in this photo is one of the new heads that have appeared in the last couple of years.

Usually cristate forms are more sensitive to temperature extremes and sunlight than normal forms, but nothing seems to affect this cactus. I rarely water it so it has to get by on whatever rainfall we have. It seems extremes suit this specimen, despite the cristation.

To see the large crested portion of the cactus, check out my previous post on about it.


jocelyn said...

Thanks for linking back to your previous post---the info about the cristation is fascinating! I hope you will post a photo of this plant again when it is in full bloom...

Stuart said...

I've been really enjoying your photos and articles that keep heading the Picks section of Blotanical. You take some great close-up photos of these cacti and succulents and it amazes me the diversity that you seem to find.

Are these all growing in your own garden?

No Rain said...

Hi Stuart,
Yes, they are all in my garden. So far I have featured about 4/5 of the plant varieties I have, so I have a ways to go before I've covered them all. Once I've completed that task, many will be flowering, so I'll have the flowers to feature for a lot of new posts. Then...who knows? Seems something is always happening in the garden, good or bad. My goal was to write about evey plant I have--sort of an online garden journal. Glad you are enjoying the photos and posts.

Julie said...

I think a good common name for this one would be Kissing Ball. It is round, with cute little pink flowers, and klissingiana, brings the kissing part to mind! It is so sweet looking! Just a little doll.