Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Euphorbia rigida

Euphorbia rigida, commonly called Blue Euphorbia, Gopher Plant, or Silver Spurge, makes a great late winter to early spring showing, and then the stems dry up and need to be pruned. It’s sort of a one-hit wonder—beautiful for a couple of months and then really bad looking. Even so, I think it is worth having in the garden. The blue-green leaves and chartreuse flowers make it a striking accent plant.

The E. rigida in my garden became another casualty of our extreme 2007 summer heat. Even with its preference for full sun, the plant just couldn't take the prolonged hot spell. Since it is supposed to self-seed, I have been hoping to see some new little plants, but so far, nothing. I think it’s too late to expect some new plants, at least for this season.

Our local nurseries only carry the E. rigida when it is in bloom, so it is available only a short time, usually in early February. It’s very hard to find because it sells out so fast. Although it is a perennial shrub, many folks use it as late winter color, and then they discard it to make way for other annuals. Since it looks so bad the rest of the year, the nurseries can’t even give it away after the blooms fade.


Wurzerl said...

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting there. My english is not so good, I'm sorry, but I try to be better one day. I am a friend of succulents too and I find a lot of interesting posts in your blog. Euphorbia is a very important garden plant! I will com back soon to see more.
Have a good week Wurzerl

Julie said...

Hi Aiyana! This one has an interesting story! Too bad it is so ugly looking all the rest of the year! This is a very pretty photo!

kate said...

The Gopher Plant - I like that name the best. Maybe you'll find some late starters - it looks beautiful in bloom.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Some plants only look good for a short time but when they do they look spectacular. This is clearly one of them as your pic shows. Hope you find a replacement and that this year you'll have a normal Summer so that you won't lose it again.

Euphorbia's do well in my neck of the woods too.

BTW I've linked with you, hope that's ok?

No Rain said...

Hi Yolanda,
Thanks for the link. I'm glad you like my blog enough to link it.
I plan to check out nurseries starting next week if no seeds are up by then.

Barbara said...

I also belong to the euphorbia-lovers, though there aren't the same sorts growing in my garden (due to the climate we have). But I like the e.rigida. I just read in my books that this one is frosthardy too. Hm, so I have a new plant to look for....perhaps I'm lucky and will find one to buy!
Have a good time!

Julie said...

Aiyana...found a new guy on the blogs who is experimenting with light to augment his succulent growth...good photos. He is at http://thesulcusofsucculents.blogspot.com/
Hope you like...Julie

No Rain said...

Checked it out, and if he keeps up the posts it should be an interesting blog to visit. Thanks.