Friday, January 25, 2008

One Of A Kind

This cactus, Eriosyce kunzei ‘multicolor’, is the only one I have that’s in the genus Eriosyce. This cactus used to be called Neoporteria nidus. All Eriosyce cacti are from Chile and Argentina. Right now, the cactus is globular, but with age, it will become cylindrical and can reach eight inches high. The spines on this species are gray to black.

The problem with many of the cacti in this genus (at least the ones previously classified as Neoporteria as this one was) is that they are very prone to root rot. In order to prevent that, the cactus is kept dry in winter and cool in winter and for a period in summer when in goes through a short dormant period. It can’t take full sun here in Phoenix, but very bright shade is perfect for it to thrive. Another must for preventing root rot is to make sure the soil and pot provide excellent drainage.

The E. kunzei ‘multicolor’ produces one-inch wide pink, almost florescent, flowers in spring. It likes to be in a very small container and watered infrequently. This helps it to have very dense spines.


Julie said...

Well, this one is surely on the homely would have to be it's mother to love it! Ha ha ha! It does have endearing qualities like those long, gnarly claws!!! LOL. It is actually a cute little does need you though, to be it's friend, for sure, since it is all alone in a small pot, and,...well... it actually enjoys it!!! Good shot of it!!!

Curtis said...

Ouch! I would hate to meet this cacti in a dark corner. Looks great!

kate said...

I love the way the spines swirl around the tops of this cactus. Very cool!