Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cactus Candy

Ferocactus macrodiscus

Have you ever eaten cactus candy? Chances are that it contained the pulp of the Biznaga de Dulce or Ferocactus macrodiscus. Prickly Pear pulp is also used to make the candy, but many folks like the Ferocactus better as it is easier to slice and cube.
This cactus is also called Pancake Barrel. The pink and white striped flowers are quite unusual for Ferocactus. The pattern on the maroon and pink flower buds is interesting and some think the buds are as attractive as the flowers. (I'm one of them). This cactus even has pink tinged spines. It is color coordinated eye candy!
F. Macrodiscus is one of a few species of barrels that requires light shade in Phoenix to keep it from burning. It does not need supplemental water. Flowers arrive in March and continue until early summer.

Cactus Candy
Cactus pulp preparation:
Remove spines and outside layer of a barrel cactus with a large knife. Cut pulp in one-inch thick slices. Soak overnight in cold water. Remove from water, cut in one-inch cubes, and boil until tender. Drain.

Syrup for 2 quarts of cactus cubes:

3 c Granulated sugar
1 c Water
2 tb Orange juice
1 tb Lemon juice

Heat all ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Add the cactus cubes, and cook the cubes slowly in the prepared syrup until most of the syrup is absorbed. Do not let burn. Remove cactus cubes from syrup, drain and roll in granulated or powdered sugar. For color, any vegetable food coloring may be added to the syrup.


Carol said...

That is pretty eye candy!

Muum said...

I had no idea you could make candy out of cactus pulp! Just what I need, another way to eat candy- ha!The flower buds are very beautiful.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Those blooms are beautiful! And the candy sounds good, too.

gizelle said...

There they are again! As always, lovely to look at!

I'm sorry if I visit late in the day...but I think at least its not yet too late there...Been messing my template again =D

Happy GTS! ;-) -Gizelle

kml said...

Those flowers are pretty among the spines of the cactus.

Teresa said...

Sounds rather challenging to make the candy. Do you like it?

Ginni Dee said...

That cactus candy sounds yummy...I wish I grew cactus!

I love the buds of your cactus and think the flower is very pretty too.

I'm taking a break from GTS and all my other assigned blog days for a couple of weeks.

Kelly said...

Wow! That sounds so yummy! I had never thought of cactus candy.

Anonymous said...

That candy recipe is fascinating, and the flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this interesting post with us.

Ann M. said...

Very pretty and sounds really tasty, too :)

Happy GTS!

Richard said...

I've never had cactus candy but the blooms are beautiful! Happy GTS

Anonymous said...

This sounds good and it's pretty. The buds look just like candy.

Thanks for visiting.

jodi said...

Well, Aiyana I had never heard of cactus candy, but it sounds like fun, if a fair bit of work. I'll stick to cactus eye candy, instead.

Julie said...

I'm going out on the web to see if I can buy some of this candy right now! I could never have the heart to slice open a cactus...especially not one this wonderful!!!

Mark said...

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It is amazing just how enthused people are and what talents and help they can offer.
To help get the message to the rest of the people we are going to produce a news letter.
I think that this while project is going to be a real plus for us and help bring together many people who have seen each other but have never spoken.
The areas themselves are quite managable and they do help screen out traffic noise and the new developments, so we will become a green oasis in the middle of all this building work.

Cheers Mark

Weeping Sore said...

Thanks for the recipe. If it tastes half as good as the flowers and buds look, it's a winner.

barbara said...

Never knew there was such a thing, but I'd try it. Sounds like something you'd just have to try once.

Wurzerl said...

Did you hear me eating the cactus candy? Wow, I wished I had a cactus to do it!!! Thank you for this idea, it can be I find some in Munich next time.
Have a good time Wurzerl