Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Living Stones Are Growing On Me

Watching the progress of my tiny Lithops collection has been fascinating. The changes are so dramatic that these little oddities are growing on me, even though initially I did not want to get involved with learning about a completely new succulent family. When I posted a photo of my new purchase one month ago, there was no evidence that new leaves were forming inside the plants. Now, new leaves have completely emerged on three Lithops and the other two have new leaves just starting to push through the split sections.

As you can see, the new leaves have pushed aside the old leaves. These new leaves gradually consume the old leaves for moisture and nutrients. The plants receive no water during this process. Probably by May, all that will be left of the old leaves will be their dried skins. At that time, the plants will receive water for the first time since the start of winter. In the fall, if the plants have received enough light, flowers will emerge from the center of the leaves. Watering will continue until winter and then the process begins again.


PAULE said...

Really cute plants.
Paule - Reunion Island

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Aiyana
These are amazing plants with an amazing name ! .. I have to admit .. I'm liking these a lot and thinking , maybe for me ! LOL

Mary Beth said...

You've left me wanting to see those fall blooms! Desert plants have such exotic blooms, don't you think?

WiseAcre said...

It's hard to tell their size by the photo but they look tiny. I've always passed them by before but the watering instructions sound like they might have a chance to avoid permament dormancy in our care. Anything that will survive without winter watering just might survive.

Living Stones Are Growing On Me

My wife calls mine warts.

Teri C said...

These are really fascinating little things.

No Rain said...

Earlier I accidently deleted these comments and the only way I could retrieve them was to copy them from the notification email. Sorry!

I love Lithops since a long time. And in Summer you will see the big surprice, wonderful little white or yellow blooming stars!
Have a wonderful day

Definitely cool looking, Aiyana, and a fascinating process. Thanks for showing us the progression! Oh, and I've posted the alyssum "bouquet" for you :-)

I love these...but they're hard to find this year. I did see them at a Yuppy garden centre in Halifax last week, for like 25.00 for a couple of little plants. I think I'll get seed and grow them (very slowly) myself!

Ginni Dee said...

Unbelievable! Just when I think I won't be surprised when I come here...I get surprised by something new all over again!!

Great little space alien looking plants!!

Julie said...

I am very intregued by these now too...I was surprised at how yours are already evolving! COOL. It was interesting to find your post tonight, after I already spent a while online tonight looking for some pink ones for sale!

Sarah said...

Those plants are amazing! And so cute!

Kylee said...

Aiyana, our older daughter, Kara, has always been fascinated by lithops. She's never grown any, nor have we, but they sell them at our botanical conservatory and I've seen seeds for them somewhere (I can't remember). I love this post and your description of things!

No Rain said...

Thanks for all the comments. Living Stones are not the easiest thing to grow, so anyone interested in them will need to do some research to have much luck. I've learned that the new growth on these Lithops may be a bit tall, so the light wasn't right. When I purchaed them, I was warned that too much light would kill them, so I gave them a northern indoor exposure. I've now moved them to an eastern location. It's one thing after another with these things!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are really neat little plants. I hadn't heard of them before. Looks like you are doing a good job so far!

Julie said...

These quys are very persnickety!!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

How unique! I look forward to seeing those blooms.