Friday, April 11, 2008

Permanent Wave Cactus Flowers

Stenocactus crispatus

The Stenocactus genus is noted for having large numbers of wavy ribs and flat spines, and that is why most collectors have them in their collections. The flowers are secondary. Flower color can vary among the Stenocactus species, but many collectors believe that the S. crispatus flowers, as well as its spination, are the most attractive. The median dorsal stripe can range from pink to purple. The flowers pictured here have one of the darker violet median dorsal stripes.

I almost missed these flowers. They came a few weeks early this year, so I wasn't expecting to find them so soon. Luckily, today was my potted cactus-watering day and I found them. It was a pleasant surprise on a nice spring day.

For more information on this cactus, see a previous post. Since that post, I've learned that this cactus has a common name, the Permanent Wave Cactus. This cactus has so many botanical names to choose from that it really doesn't need another name!


Bo said...

Sounds like it should grow well in a beauty shop! :-)

beckie said...

I like the flowers!So unusual and the name certainly is fitting seeing all the curls. How many cacti do you have??

Have a good weekend.

Teri C said...

Oh wow, these are awesome!! Never even knew they existed. Thanks for sharing this.

No Rain said...

Good point!

I probably have around 150 in pots--I've lost count. Then, there are those in the ground; maybe 75-100. I suppose I should count again.

The Stencactus is fairly common, not like Mammillaria or Echinopsis, but not hard to find in cactus nurseries.

Tracy said...

The waves on this cactus are really neat......the flowers are pretty cool too. I love that through your blog I have learnt about the so many different kinds of cacti. I didn't realize it was such a diverse family of plants.

Donna said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous cactus. I love the flowers.

Julie said...

Oh, one of my loves are the cactus with the flat spines! They just have an added awesomeness somehow!!!

kate smudges said...

I like the spines on this cactus - they have an interesting look to them. When I see this cactus, I'm reminded of a wizened person!

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

A very interesting flower. I like flat spines.
You must have a huge yard with a bagillion specimens.

Cheryl said...

You are selling these lovely plants to me everytime I pop over. I wish I had somewhere to grow them.
I love the intense colour of many of these plants.

Curtis said...

This cactus is very stunning. The spines do look very interesting.