Friday, May 30, 2008

Thelocactus setispinus

Thelocactus setispinus

T. setispinus, known as Miniature Barrel Cactus, and will grow to about six inches high and four inches in diameter. It will retain its globular shape while young, and then become more elongated. Although it has been reclassified as Thelocactus for some time, it is sometimes still labeled as Ferocactus setispinus or Hamatocactus setispinus. Another common name for this cactus is Strawberry Cactus.

An interesting characteristic of Thelocactus is that it can have spines that range in color from white to red to brown, and even yellow, and all these color spines can be on the same cactus. The T. setispinus ususally has dark brown and white spines, but I can also see some yellow coloration on the hooked central spines of this cactus.

This cactus needs light shade in Phoenix. It is a summer grower, so it needs supplemental water. It liks sandy soil, so I heavily amended my garden soil with sand and pumice before planting it.


kate smudges said...

Interesting how this cactus has spines of different colours ... the flowers appear huge.

Tracy said...

The colorful spines is a neat characteristic. Like always, the flowers are beautiful.

beckie said...

Now this is one I have heard of. Isn't it such a pretty little one!

Julie said...

Hi Aiyana! Is it getting terribly hot out there yet? It has been at least breezy here. I always think of your weather when you tell of how a particular cactus needs shade in summer there...I can only imagine what it must feel like in your dry, hot air there...I want to really try it one day in dead summer!!!

No Rain said...

Hot enough! We are nowhere near the 110s to come, but by mid June it will be like that practically everyday. Then, we start the monsoon storms and it gets humid (relatively humid--most people wouldn't call 25% humid--but for us that's high.) The hot weather seems to go on forever, but by October, it starts cooling down and we have a second spring with new growth and everything greening up. It's a looooooogggg wait!