Sunday, June 15, 2008

In The Red

When my daughter saw these red cactus flowers, she didn't think anyone would think they were real if I posted them. They are real, and have not been worked over with photo editing.

Echinopsis sp
Everyone who sees this cactus in bloom wants to get one. The flower is quite unusual because of the fluorescent glow it produces. It's sort of an optical illusion caused by the hot pink margins on the brilliant red petals. I've researched the various sites that sell Echinopsis hybrids, and have never found any like it. If I could find out the hybrid source, I would buy several and give them as gifts. Maybe someday mine will have offsets and I can pass those around.
                                             Rebutia spegazziniana

Without the flowers, this Rebutia wouldn't get a second glance. It is not an attractive species, except for the carmine red flowers.

                                          Echinopsis x Red Paramount

This cactus has bloomed intermittently since early May. I mentioned last week that my cacti were through blooming for the season, but they keep proving me wrong.

Pelargonium peltatum

My Ivy Geranium is suffering from the heat, and won't last much longer. I think this lone flower is its swan song.


PAULE said...

I love red ! You mad my day with all those flowers... Thanks for sharing
Paule - Reunion Island

Muum said...

Those are such an intense color, I can see why you like this Echinopsis.

Teena in Toronto said...

Gorgeous colours! My husband is into cacti.

Mine's up too :)

Laura said...

Beautiful! They really do glow!

Jennifer Robin said...

Very intense!
Thanks for your visit to Robin's Woods! Re the mange on the deer, the shedding of the coat does look similar, but there is no doubt that this is mange. We're having a big problem with it up here this year.

Curtis said...

you know cactus are pretty when in flower. But I also like them when they aren't.

Tracy said...

The first flowers with the pink are very cool. The pink gives them a really unique appearance. Are there any cacti flowers that are blue or green?

Teena in Toronto said...

Green peppers are okay ... but I'd rather red or yellow peppers.

beckie said...

Aiyana, such gorgeous color. It almost hurts your eyes! Isn't that just like a plant-prove us wrong every chance they get. But oh, we are grateful. Great Green Thumb Sunday post.

Hootin' Anni said...

These are such beautiful cactus blossoms. And your geranium is gorgeous.

Yes....we lived in Arizona [Tucson] for 12 years, and I had three beautiful crepe myrtles!! They DO do well in Arizona.

Hope your Sunday is super.

kate smudges said...

The Echinopsis hybrid is gorgeous. I love the look of it with the hot pink. The other red flowers look great, though they are definitely eclipsed by the Echinopsis hybrid.
I hope your Pelargonium hangs on for a bit longer and gives you a few more blooms.

I will email you the recipe for the Crisp once I get it copied out. It was delicious ... and your husband might quite like it. Strawberries tends to reduce the tartness of the rhubarb ... and it's usually a well-loved dessert here.

Green thumb said...

All the red blooms are gorgeous but my favourite of-course is the Echinopsis is simply stunning with such intense colour which is very rarely seen in nature!
Thanks for sharing.

Teri C said...

I remember painting one of these fantastic red flowers and I think it was the first one. The color was SO red I had to stop and look three times to believe it was real!

Tabatha said...

beautiful! i'm a sucker for zonal geraniums. i don't even put mine outside during the summer much anymore just b/c i hate to see them suffer in the heat!

Julie said... awesome these all are!!! You never fail to deliver a fantastically colorful post!!! Or at a minimum, a sharp post...LOL.