Friday, November 14, 2008

Stapelia Bloom

For years, I thought my Stapelia was an S. grandiflora, but now that it has produced its first flower, I think it may be an S. hirsuta. Everything about the flower points to that, including the numerous purple hairs that completely cover the surface. I may be wrong, but I'm sticking with hirsuta unless an Stapelia expert contradicts my assessment.

I transplanted this specimen earlier this year. It had been in the same pot for over eight years, residing in my bathroom. After placing it in a new pot with fresh soil, I decided to leave it in the shade on the patio. It thrived and grew plenty of new stems. This is probably what prompted this first-time flower. Flowers only appear on new growth.

We have had a few nights in the low 40s, and some of the tips of the stems of this plant have been damaged, so in the next few days, it will come back into the house until night time temperatures remain above 50ยบ F.

Surprisingly, this flower does not have a strong carrion scent. Perhaps the smell will develop over the next few days as this flower just opened a few hours ago. It's odd that it bloomed this time of year, as flies are not flitting around at all. However, my Huernia primulina has continued to bloom over the past six weeks, and it also depends on flies for pollination.


Claude said...

fantastic bloom... I think I could learn to really love stapelia... The only one I have here is the gigantea, And to be blunt, it's the only one I have room for. But it's really great to see yours!

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

You've inspired me to try some more stapelias. I have one that blooms with small redish purple flowers, but your large flowered variety is spectacular!

Lythrum said...

That flower is amazing. I think personally that the lack of a strong carrion scent would be a good thing.

Julie said...

I too, woulod like to have more Stapeliads..they are just so amazing! I like the shapes of the actual "stems" too!

Dee said...

Ohhh that is wonderful! I don't care if it doesn't smell good- it is an amazing flower! I am just catching up with your posts- been working 12 hour days, 6 days a week, but I finally have a day off!

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Aiyana,

Your stapelia flower looks pinker than the ones on my plants, but they also have the purple hairs. The first plant was a passalong with no ID 20 years ago and I just call it Stapelia.

If you would like to compare flowers I posted photos last November. Maybe mine is a hirsuta, too?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose