Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Blooms

Last week's computer installation went well enough, but I've been spending the past week trying to maneuver through the new Windows Vista, as well as to learn the updated software programs PS Elements 7 and Word 2007, at the expense of no blog posts for a week. I'm no Luddite, but I've seriously thought about going back to my PS Elements 2005 and Word 2003! I'm finding these updates difficult to master. My new 24-inch screen is a treat. At least I can see things a little better now.
Eremophila maculata aurea
The Yellow Emu bush has put on some flowers in the past week, but it will be several months before it is in full flower.

Leucophyllum frutescens

The small amount of rain we had last week was enough to trigger a few blooms on the Texas Sage. The shrubs themselves are quite raggedy this time of year. They look the best in the heat of summer.

I tried a darker petunia color in my containers this year. I love this color, called 'Fantasy Blue'. However, it looks like deep purple velvet rather than blue. Most all of the volunteer Desert Marigolds are still blooming. Actually, they do well all year.
Rosa 'Mr. Lincoln'

Since my other roses have not had a lot of scent with their fall flowers, I couldn't wait for Mr. Lincoln to bloom to see if it retained its characteristically strong fragrance. It has, and it has perfumed the air all around the west end of my patio! In my mind, this is what a rose should smell like. This hybrid tea has been around since 1964 and is one of the most popular hybrids.
Bougainvillea 'San Diego Red'

And now some eye candy. This Bougainvillea vine is located right off the courtyard of my guest bedroom, so anyone staying the night has a beautiful jolt of color when they open the shutters.


Grammy said...

How wonderful to see blooms. I love the mass of red on your Bougainvillea. I don't think that plant would live here in Mo.
Have a great week.

beckie said...

Aiyana, I feel for you! It has taken me forever to get used to Vista. There are many things I still don't like about it and it doesn't have some of the things I really liked about windows 98. Newer is not always better. :}

The emu bush has a beautiful bloom-can't wait to see it in full bloom. I really like the dark petunias. That's a color I hadn't heard of. They really look great paired with the yellow flowers.

Mr. Lincoln is a very favorite of mine. I love the color and yes the fragrance is what a 'rose' should be. I don't have mine planted where I can smell it though-I have to take a long walk to see it.

Good to have you back posting.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The installing of the new computer is not the problem, it's learning how the new programs work. ;-)

It's wonderful to see how colourful your garden looks at the mo. Roses even,in the desert, the mind boggles.

Love the yellow Emu flowers!

Lythrum said...

Congratulations and condolances on your new computer. Learning new software is one of my least favorite things to do. That picture of Mr. Lincoln is lovely, I'm glad that it retained its fragrance. When I first saw the picture of your bougainvillea it made me think of when I was out in San Diego, and then I saw the name. It's good to see flower blooms again!

Darla said...

Okay so, you have wonderfully beautiful blooms. Did not know that Texas Sage bloomed. The Petunias do look blue and are a magnificent contrast with the yellow flowers in front. I'm very envious of your bouganvillia..Great post!!

Sylvia (England) said...

Aiyann, don't feel that you must use the new programs, learning something new isn't a problem for me (its my job) but the new versions of some programs are different for difference sake. It makes me cross when there is no good reason for a change. I have reverted to the older programs for most of my work, due to layout issues with some of my documents, I do keep both on my system. Computers are temperamental at the best of times without adding complications. Unless there is a good reason to stay with the new (as in Vista) revert to the old (Word 2003).

I enjoyed your pictures and the rest of your post.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

WiseAcre said...

Glad to hear it was 'only' getting your head wrapped around the upgrades.

I get the opposite feeling when I visit here than you do when visiting me. The sunlight in your photos are cheery and take me away from the gray overcast mood we're feeling around here.

The 'eye candy' for me was the rose. Now if there was only some way to embed a smell onto a web page I'd fell even better.

Mother Nature's Garden said...

How wonderful to see the blooms of December. It is so easy to revert to the old way when acquiring a new computer. Keep on keeping on. It will be worth it.

Ashraf shreif said...

many flowers in your garden very nice... where cactus

playsdolls said...

Your december blooms are a treasure to look at,I love your red bougainvilla.Have you ever saw it as a tree.there is a home for stoke patiences in Louisaina were my brother was,that has a bougainvilla that is grown into a tree about 10 ft, tall. It is awesome and beautiful when it is bloomed out.

Jean said...

It is so much fun to see all that's blooming for you! I'm glad your Lincoln rose is fragrant. That's one of the best things about roses. Your bouganvilla is gorgeous and I love the color of your petunia! Jean

Claude said...

fantastic blooms as always... I think I like the desert marigolds best... I like wildflower looking plants in general though

Julie said...

Just today, while at work, I thought "Where is Aiyana"???
Didn't realize you were getting all outfitted with a swanky computer and new programs to boot! Congrats! That 24 inch screen sounds AWESOME!

All your blooms are beautiful!!!

Pam/Digging said...

Like YE said, I'm a little surprised that you can grow roses in the desert. I'm sure you chose the most drought-tolerant varieties (and I remember Stuart in Australia telling me he also grows Mr. Lincoln). But are they very labor intensive in Phoenix?

Everything looks so fresh and lovely. The cool times of year are great, aren't they?

Carla said...

Love your blooms! The yellow emu is new to me, and I hope you'll post it in full flush:)

verobirdie said...

Ayiana, I'm jealous of your bougainvillee :-)
I had a glimpse at excel 2007, oh gosh, it sucks :-) and I have to use it everyday...
Touched to see you wondering how I am. I'm really fine, just really busy, and not always finding the right words to comment.But I always enjoy your pictures.

Rose said...

Aiyana, it is such a treat to see all these bright colors! The bougainvillea would certainly make me smile if I saw it first thing in the morning. I'm looking forward to seeing a color other than white right now--I'll be in your "neighborhood" for the next week visiting my daughter.

I can certainly empathize with your computer frustration; I opted not to get Vista when I had my computer replaced, just because of this.

Dee said...

Awesome Bougainvillea! The Emu bush is really interesting! I didn't get any blooms on my Texas Sage recently-lucky you!

kml said...

How pretty those yellow flowers are against the dark blue petunias.

As for Vista - I dread the day. I keep babying my 6 year old system with the XP and familiar software in it. I know it's inevitable, but I'll hold off as long as possible.

Good luck!

Ginni said...

I knew I could come here and see some color! I'm tired of white already! (Snowsnowsnow)

Cosmo said...

It's great to see the AZ color. Do you know the Latin name of the desert marigold? They look great next to the dark blue petunia.

Barbara said...

What a feast for the eyes to see all your blooming plants (the bougainvillea is indeed an eye candy!) and to imagine the wonderful fragrance of your rose. I already miss now my fragrant roses and I have to wait until next May for the first ones to bloom again. Actually it is very cold here (below 0°C).

MrBrownThumb said...

Nice pics and flowers. Did it take you a while to get accustomed to the new monitor? When I got my new laptop this summer the size (bigger) of the screen through my sense of proportion off for a while.

Aiyana said...

The size doesn't bother me as much as the brightness. I've dialed it back to 40% and it's still too bright for me. Maybe it's the huge size and it just seems brighter!

Jon said...

Aiyana, your San Diego Red boug has me drooling. What a treat for your guests to enjoy! Mine is a wimp compared to yours. I think they favor a desert climate to bloom fully. A few years ago when I was in Palm Springs, CA I was blown away by the huge bougainvilleas there. Good luck with your new computer. I've heard nothing but horror stories about Vista so I'm keeping my old one with Windows XP until newer models with Windows 7 are released next year. I have read that even Bill Gates is disappointed with the shortcomings of Vista and scolded his software engineers for the design and their slowness in getting patches out to customers.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Aiyana said...

If I could go back, I would! The problems I'm having are with various programs. Some do not have features that work with Vista--simple things like spell check with one program--and other really basic stuff. The new software that I bought to be compatible with Vista is really a pain. I don't like Word 2007 at all, and I don't like the new PS Elements either. Had I not had DRAM issues with the other computer, I would not have changed!