Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emerging Aussies

Eremophila hygrophana

Many Australian plants love Arizona's climate, and local nurseries are providing more and more to choose from as time goes by. My garden has a lot of Australian natives, and several more Aussie plants began to bloom this week. In the past couple of weeks, Emu 'Valentine' and Yellow Emu shrubs started flowering, (shown in previous posts) and here are the rest.

I planted this E. hygrophana earlier this year, and although it looked a bit bedraggled in the heat of summer, I still think the silvery foliage and pale purple flowers make it one of the most attractive of the many Emu plants available to us in the low desert of Arizona. You can read more about this plant here.

Callistemon viminalis 'Little John'

Little John flowers are starting to emerge after a period of dormancy. We've had showers in the past week, and that has helped these small shrubs look their best. The fuzzy leaves are great dust collectors. See this previous post for more information on this shrub, and to see it in full bloom.

Acacia salicina

The honey-fragranced puffball flowers of my three Acacia trees are perfuming my garden again. These trees have several problems, but their wonderful smell isn't a problem at all! Read more about the pros and cons of this tree here.


Vicki said...

Excellent to see Aussie plants getting put into dryland gardens there. Eremophila are an incredible group of plants. Pretty and tough. I have a Callistemon Little John at my place; its going slow but will flower next year I hope.

Julie said...

I love the look of the Acacia salicina, but I read back to your old post and realize it may be more trouble than it's worth. Love those little puff balls of it's two major selling points (the other being scent). Oh well.

Love looking at some of your other plants (non-cactus) also!!!

Oh...BTW...I need to start looking for a rock around here because I wanted to start my yearly rock painting for a basketful like yours! Love that tradition!

Happy holidays, Aiyana!

beckie said...

Aiyana, Australian plants? How interesting. I really like the purple Emu with it's silver foliage. I would like a honey scented tree in my garden, but not the mess. Enjoy your lovely 'winter' weather.

Happy Holidays!

Dee said...

I love the way you linked back to previous posts! It was so informative being able to see the original, and then the new update. It was a relief to read that the Little Jon is a slow grower- I planted one last spring and it doesn't seem to have grown an inch! I looked really close today but no sign of flowers on mine yet. It is very small, about 7 inches tall so maybe it just needs time.