Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dearth of Blooms

Cylindropuntia fulgida

Gymnocalycium mesopotamicum

Echinopsis pentlandii longispinus

Our three and a half month period of monsoon season began yesterday, but there's no humidity or cloud buildup because it has been relatively cool for this time of year. One-third or more of our annual rainfall happens during this season, and we are running behind in average rainfall so far, so we really need it!

Lots of things happen during the monsoon period. Temperatures rise, and the humidity rises. The storms can be dangerous, sometimes bringing no-visibility dust storms, high winds and flying debris, microbursts, lightning strikes, uprooted trees, flash floods, and downed power lines. But, the storms are beautiful when they happen, with all the rolling dark clouds, lightning and of course, the much needed rain.

With the rain, the vegetation becomes quite lush for awhile. Some cacti will bloom, but for the most part, they remain in summer dormancy. The cactus flowers I've shown today are the only ones I've had for a couple of weeks.

We usually have a few folks who drive through raging washes, not knowing how deep and swift the water can get. If they drive into a wash and have to be rescued, they will be fined under our "Stupid Motorist" law.

Every year, I seem to lose a few trees. So far in the four years I've lived on this property, we've lost a total of six trees to microbursts. I don't want to part with any more!


Julie said...

It is hard to see the beauty in those kinds of storms, but I know what you mean after living through hurricanes...there are some amazing things to see during these powerful storms. Your current cactus blooms are really great...especially the Cylindropuntia! I like the look of this cactus as well with it's long skinny arms!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world, Aiyana! Thanks for being the one to introduce ATC's to me...I am enjoying them so much!!!

Darla said...

it has been very hot and dry around here. We will be hitting 100 degrees tomorrow with the heat index 110. That's very hot for North Florida. I love seeing your cactus blooms!

Suzanne said...

That beautiful white blossom is gorgeous!

Teri C said...

Ah, those cacti are in all their glory!! I LOVE that first flower, so delicate and lacy.


Carla said...

I had no idea! When I lived in El Paso for a while, the cacti only bloomed after a rain. We didn't have a monsoon season. Interesting how your desert plants go dormant during a rainy season! Thanks for sharing, and stay safe:)

Sherrie said...

Beautiful Blooms! That first one is awesome! Have a great day!


Jean said...

The first flower is very unique, love it! I certainly hope you get your much needed rain but not hard enough to take out trees. "Stupid Motorist Law"sounds like something we need in NY! Jean

Elena said...

Love those cactus blooms. So bright and so delicate!

Laurie and Chris said...

Love the pink flowers!!!

~~Rhonda said...

There may not be many blossoms in your garden right now, but the ones you have are beautiful!! I love the little fuzzy pink ones. ~~Rhonda

Dee said...

we finally got rain last night! I measured almost an inch and a half in my rain guage- hope some reached your place too!