Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Garden Views

Over the months that I've had my garden blog, several folks have asked that I show some views of my garden, since I usually focus only on closeups of my various plants. Last week I posted a couple of garden photos, and here are a couple more.

The photo above is just a small portion looking toward my back patio. The tree is a Desert Museum Palo Verde.

This view shows a small patio off one bedroom. It has an eastern exposure (the side where I had many tropical plants that were devastated by last winter's hard freeze,) so all the replacement plants on this side are smaller. The larger ones are original plantings not damaged by the freeze.

The rip rap "riverbed" landscape element that runs through a good part of my landscape is there for much more than looks. Because my back yard is sloped, the riverbed acts much as a natural riverbed would by holding and carrying rainwater to a drain area. It served its purpose this past week when we received 1.4 inches of rain. My husband built two small bridges a couple of years ago so I can easily cross from one section to another.

Since my back yard is approximately 1/2-acre, I have to take photos in sections to show the landscape progress.

Other views are here, and this is what a portion of my garden looked like when I started out.


nikkipolani said...

Aiyana, this is gorgeous! I remember seeing palo verde while visiting friends in Arizona. Such handsome trees.

Stuart said...

Gorgeous garden views. I, like nikkipolani, am astonished at your palo verde tree - awesomely beautiful. Cheers for sharing these great pics.

Julie said...

What amazing progress...I looked back at your other pics of the yard...you have made it into a lovely paradise, for sure!