Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mostly Shrubs

Aloe sinkatana
I think I prefer Aloe flowers before they open because they look more precise and perfect. As they open, the flowers look wilted and discolored to me as they do here. Aloe sinkatana produces numerous offsets, so I have pots of this succulent all around my front and back patios. A. sinkatana is probably the best species of Aloe for this climate as it will take a full southern exposure.
Young Anna's Hummingbird

A young Anna's Hummingbird rested on a bare branch of a Chinese Elm tree in my front yard, after frantically gathering nectar from the Chuparosa shrub shown below. I liked this photo because of the sculptured branches against a bright blue sky.

Senna artemisioides

Feathery Cassia is the common name for this large shrub, which is now over five feet tall and wide. The fragrance is overwhelming. If you like it, it's marvelous, if you don't, it will drive you into the house!

Justicia californica

Chuparosa is a scraggly looking shrub that sometimes has leaves, and sometimes flowers, depending on the season. It has bloomed off an on all year, and right now it's really loaded. Some people don't like the scraggly look so they prune it into a neater shape. I like it scraggly.


Darla said...

I have yet to have an aloe bloom for me. You have some nice colors in your yard, kind of looks like fall. Ever heard of soap aloe?

Anonymous said...

Ornamental shrubs really add alot to the garden Aiyana. The Cassia looks like something the Hummers would love. Thanks for sharing some plants that I've never seen or grown. :)

Dee said...

I like the Chuparosa! I hadn't really noticed those until last weekend at my daughters in Maricopa. They seemed pretty common in her area. There are so many plants I am just "discovering" for the first time this year, and I can't wait for planting season!!

Paula said...

Love your arizona plants - thanksf for sharing! Paula in Idaho

Suzanne said...

Beautiful shrubs! Love the vibrant red of the Chuparosa!

playsdolls said...

I have never saw a blooming aloe,I love this one and would love to find one to seee if it would grow here in the south.It is so beautiful.And I like the scraggley look of the Chuparosa,it is very pretty.

Anne Fannie said...

I have never had aloe bloom, in fact I didn't know it did!
I love all your beautiful shrubs! I love the red on the chuparosa!
Love, Ann

Carla said...

We are to wet and cold for these (except in pots), so neat to see whats growing on your side of world:)

These are cool:)

Jean said...

I'm always surprised to see aloe in bloom. You are right about the lovely blue sky behind the humming bird. Great shot! I kinda like the scraggly bush too. Jean

Julie said...

I agree with you regarding aloe blooms...there is just someting about them that sort of makes me uneasy when I look at them...they are not soothing to the soul at all.

I like your scraggly Chuparosa also! It makes me think of a long stemmed succulent plant of sorts!

Jon said...

Such interesting plants and nice photos! I particularly was drawn to the Feathery Cassia....no doubt a cousin of my cassia alata (or senna alata)...Candlelabra Trees. I wish mine had a strong fragrance like your shrub does.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Rosemary said...

Loved the hummingbird photo , I can never seem to catch them sitting still.
Enjoyed the tour of shrubs.

Ashraf shreif said...

Happy valentines day Aiyana