Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Is It

Lilac Vine

This has been a very disappointing year when it comes to spring flowers. I have thousands of California Poppy, Desert Bluebell and Desert Marigold plants, but as of today, I have one California Poppy and three Desert Bluebell flowers in bloom. There are also a few Desert Marigold flowers, as well as a couple of Parry's Penstemons blooming. It will soon be too late for these plants to put out blooms because our weather is quickly warming up. This is the worst year yet for wildflowers in my garden, but I'll still be left with the job of pulling up all the plants as they begin to dry up. Oh well, I've been spending a couple of hours each day pulling weeds, so what's a few thousand more?

My Lilac Vine is still blooming, but its little flowers are waning, so there won't be much color from now until the Palo Verde trees flower. The Bougainvillea, Orange Jubilee, Yellow Bells, Queen's Wreath and Cape Honeysuckle all suffered extensive damage during the hard freeze, so no color there until May or later.  My roses have really leafed out, but there is not one bud to be found so far. In six weeks the roses will be past their spring flowering prime, so I hope they hurry up!


Julie said...

Hi Aiyana...I sure hope things start moving there for you this spring!!! This Lilac Vine is GORGEOUS!!!!! I want one! Gonna go research now!!!

Jocelyn H. Chilvers said...

We have had an extremely dry winter, and spring isn't looking much better. I'm glad to have at least a few flowers making the effort now!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I have a lilac vine too! Love it.

I am contacting everyone as a reminder and an inquiry to see if they're attending the AZ blogger's luncheon on March 26th as I have to call the tea room on in the next few days with a head count.

Details are on the Monday (3-14) post of my blog.

If you are attending please leave a comment on that post.

Thank you and be blessed!

 gmirage said...

coming from my old post were you once commented :) It's nice to see you're still hope the blooms come...

chigiy said...

I love lilac vines. Mine is in full bloom. It is always one of the first colorful plants in my garden. This year was a great year for them here in California. I hope all your flowers start blooming soon.

Katie said...

I love your Lilac Vine. I've been meaning to get a few since I saw them near the jousting arena at the Ren Festival.

You mention that you use vine wires for your block wall. What, exactly, is that? I'd love to cover some spots on my walls, but come up short on how to do that without using ugly lattice or drilling holes in the block. Thanks for your help!

Aiyana said...

We did drill holes and used eye screws, then used vine wire (at nurseries or Lowe's--it's just coated wire). There are other means--using super putty to attach little flat pieces of metal that have a ring on them and then stringing up wire, but drilling for us was easier. Hope this helps..