Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Flowers

 My favorite cactus bloom--Echinopsis 'Flying Saucer'. The flowers last just about 12 hours, so this time of year I have to keep a close eye out in order not to miss them.

Here is a second round of the 'Flying Saucer. Last year, I was not so lucky. There was only one round of blooms.

 Past its prime but still beautiful--Rosa Queen Elizabeth. My roses were extra large this year, but not very fragrant. I changed fertilizers, and I think that must have made a difference.

 'Hello Dolly'

Of my roses, this is the most fragrant this year. There is a controversy as to whether this is truly a 'Hello Dolly', a hybrid by Jack E. Christensen which is described as a yellow hybrid tea. Whatever it is, it's a beautiful rose. If I could find 'Brandy' or 'Brass Band' by Christensen, I'd try them, even though they are not really suited to our zone and would have to be planted in the coolest part of my garden.

'Gold Glow' has been a good rose for me, despite warnings that it is more susceptible to a variety of diseases and pests than other hybrid teas. It has a light fragrance and the flowers last longer than some of my other teas.

I can usually predict when 'Flying Saucer' is getting ready to produce blooms by watching this Argentine Giant, which is visible from my breakfast area windows. Sure enough, both bloomed on the same day and I was ready with my camera!


Julie said...

Hello Aiyana!!! Been missin you, girlfriend!

I believe this top cactus flower is one you had sent me a photo of. It is gorgeous! WOW...could you ever find a prettier bloom ANYWHERE??? Just lovely! Your roses are lookin good too! Try Jackson Perkins to try and find those two roses you are looking for!
Hope you and hubby are doing well.
xoxo- Julie

Mandy said...

I can see why this is your favorite cactus bloom, it's simply gorgeous! Your roses are lovely; I'm trying them for the first time and hope I have a portion of your success!

Dogwood trees Tennessee said...

Gorgeous! What a beautiful flowers pictures and i like this post, i will try to my home garden. so pretty!

verobirdie said...

I did not know cactus flowers could be that beautiful!

kate mckinnon said...

Hello, from a Tucson gardener and kindred spirit! I just discovered your lovely blog, and will certainly be a regular reader, as I continue to move my garden and yard toward a more natural Arizona landscape.

I posted a photo of yours from 2009 in my own blog today, one of palo verde flowers on the ground, along with a recommendation that my readers check you out.

Hope you don't mind?

Best to you,
Kate McKinnon

Aiyana said...

Kate, Thanks. I don't mind.

Rohrerbot said...

The flowers on the cacti have been amazing this year. Your flowers are beautiful!

Angie in AZ said...

Looks like we're playing "comment tag" on each other's blogs! LOL! Yes, I have not only attended Art Unraveled but this will be my third year teaching! Maybe we have met! I also work part time at The Creative Quest in downtown Glendale. Have you ever been there? If you are attending AU this year, look me up and say "hi" in person! I'll be teaching one class, on Thursday, and also vending that Saturday.

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Man oh man these blooms are incredible. And those echinopsis 'flying saucer' are extra extra special. The color is amazing. I hope I can find one like that! Your photos are super!